Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cricut Maker

I was fortunate enough to attend the reveal of this new machine from Cricut and I just cannot share my excitement enough.  

I have been an avid Cricut user since 2006.  I had just moved to Reno, NV and met some crafters.  I went to a weekend retreat with them and a lady there had a Cricut Personal.  I was mesmerized.  I just watched that machine work its magic most of the weekend.  When I got home and told my husband about it I could not give it justice.  But for Christmas he bought it for me.  I was scared to death of it.  I think the first year I had it I only cut one layer letters for my scrapbook.  Then I learned how to layer things and I was in awe all over again.  

When I got my Expression machine I thought life could not get any better than that!  While it still is a solid machine, and I still have it, I have advanced with Cricut each step of the way.  Explore, Explore Air, Explore One, and Explore Air 2.  Each one just gets better and better.  

But now, I have seen and played with the Cricut Maker and my love for this company just gets stronger and stronger.  

I really enjoy sewing, but I hate cutting patterns, laying them out and pinning to the fabric, only to cut again.  I just want to sew!  Cricut Maker will allow me to do just that by taking on the boring stuff.  Cricut has partnered with Simplicity to have patterns already in the software (Design Space) for us.  Not only will it cut the patterns, it will use a washable fabric pen to do all the pattern markings for sewing as well.

The new rolling blade in the maker, and the new fabric mat takes away the need to put heat bond on the back of your fabric before cutting.   You an even cut felt without heat bond.  

But fabric is not the only thing it can cut.  Do you currently use an exacto knife to cut balsa wood projects??  The new Cricut Maker Knife blade will take that on for you as well.  The Maker is 10x more powerful than the Explore line and the Knife blade allows for precision cuts every time.  

Don't worry it will still cut all our vinyl, HTV and paper projects as well.  

If you want to watch and see the whole reveal I have included it below.   

The Cricut Maker will be available starting August 20, 2017 for $399.99

But you can still get the Explore Machines too!  They are all on sale, and if you use code AUGUSTAIR through August 31st you will get 10% off the sale price and free shipping.  If you are a Cricut Access Member you will save an additional 10%.  

If you are shopping for supplies use code CRAFTY for 15% off and free shipping
(excludes machines and Cricut Access)

If you have questions about the Maker machine please let me know I will be happy to answer them.