Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cricut Craft Room

Do you have a Cricut?  Do you use your Cricut?

I was introduced to Cricut a few years back at a crop.  One of the ladies had a personal machine and it just captured my attention from the second I saw it being used.  I had to have one.  I begged my husband.  I bargained with my husband, and then for Christmas that year he bought me one.  Talk about excited.  I cut some letters and showed him how great it was. But the reality of it was I didn't know how to use it.  I didn't know what all it could do.

I proudly took my little bug with me to crops and pretended I new everything about it.  The reality was that I only used it for fonts.  I didn't have a clue how to make all those cute paperdolls or fun embelishments.  I avoided buying cartridges unless they had a font on them.  Then one day I took a leap of faith.  I decided to try one of those cute embelishments that I just knew I wouldn't be able to make.  Guess what?  I made it, and it was cute.  That was the beginning of a whole new world for me.

Then I got an expression!  Wahoo I was excited for a minute.  I didn't know how to use this machine.  It scared me.  I kept using my personal size machine and left my beautiful Expression just sitting there.  One day I said enough is enough.  I hit youtube and watched every video I could to figure out how to use it.  Then I found Cricut Craft Room and the angels sang.  There is nothing I can't do in my CCR.  I watched hours and hours of youtube videos, I took notes and I linked all of my cartridges.

I found out over time, I was not the only person scared of my perfect little machine.  Lots of my friends have them sitting in closets and on shelves collecting dust.  Why?  Because they don't know how to use them either.  So I have decided to help.  I created the Cricut Craft Room group in Facebook.  We answer questions from each other, we share ideas, we inspire each other!!!  I love seeing what others have designed and I love when that new person joins the group and quietly asks for help.  Thats what the group is for!!!!

So if you have not yet joined, join.  Is your Cricut one of those sitting in the closet or on a shelf collecting dust?  Go to facebook, join our group.  Then...go to the closet, pull your cricut out, give it a hug and promise to make something today, and tomorrow, and the day after that.  Learn one new thing everyday.  I give you my word you will love your Cricut as much as I love mine...soon!  Oh, and if you don't already have it?  The download for CCR is FREE!!!
Follow the link below (Thank you card), click on Learn, then software and then Cricut Craft Room to get started!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Snowman Winter Card

Cricut Project!

This adorable card was made using the CTMH Artbooking Cartridge, along with CTMH cardstock and exclusive ink.

Each kit will include supplies to assemble 5 cards along with instructions.  Pieces will be pre-cut and will just need to be assembled.  Close to my Heart card bases and envelopes included.

$10.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling

To order yours send funds through paypal to toribe@yahoo.com.  In comments for payment note how many sets you wish to order, along with your shipping address.  Items will be cut when ordered.   If ordering more than 1 kit at a time s/h cost will not increase.

If you wish to have a different color other than Twilight, let me know.  You can pick from any of the CTMH cardstock colors.  However each kit needs to be the same color.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Start your own business for just $99.00

Did you know that you can become a Close to my Heart Consultant for just $99.00 (chose scrapbooking or cardmaking kit) and received over $365 in product to get your business started?  In addition to that you can earn free Product Credits each month, and even earn great incentive trips.

The best part for me in having my own business is the friends I have made.  I have been a consultant (CM and CTMH combined) for 14 years and I have been blessed with knowing some wonderful people because of it.

Whether you want to earn extra cash to pay off some bills, fund Christmas or get your scrapbooking supplies at wholesale CTMH has the answer for you.  Ask me how to get started today, or check out this link for more information.

Get more info now!

You also get me, and the CTMH team to help you get started.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Witch Hats Tutorial

This is from Leanette Lyntons Blog.  If you have not yet checked it out you can find lots of fun and creative ideas there.  www.jeanettelynton.com

Annual Inspirations Witch Hats Tutorial

We all love home decor that screams creativity! Several of you have seen the adorable hats on page 38 of Annual Inspirations and have asked for instructions on how to recreate them. Below you’ll find step-by-step directions you can use with the Annual Inspirations recipes already provided to give your home a little more spook this season. 

Happy crafting!

October 31 Hat

Cricut® Shapes:

Spike Flowers: 3 ½" and 4 ½" Shift+Accent 2 (p. 54)
Round Flowers: 3 ½" and 2 ¾" Accent 2 (cut several, p. 54)
Cupcake Liners: 2 ½" and 2" Accent 4 (cut 4 of each, p. 77) 
Circle: 11" Card (p. 48)
Vines: 1", 1 ½”, and 1 ¾" Shift+3D Object (cut several, p. 54)
Spiderweb: 4 ½" Accent 4 (p. 76)
Banners: 1 ¼" and 2" Accent 2 <5> (cut several, p. 35)

To find a list of the other materials required, please refer to the Annual Inspirations recipes.

Cone and Base

1. Attach two sheets of 12" x 12" B&T paper on top of two sheets of 12" x 12" cardstock. This double-sheet thickness is needed for extra stability in the cone of the hat.

2. Using tape, attach the two sheets of layered 12" x 12" papers together to form a 24" length. Ensure that edges are precisely aligned.

3. Starting from one corner, roll the paper into a cone, adjusting to form your desired shape. Use a strong adhesive to hold it in place. Hats will measure differently according to how tight you roll your cone.

4. Cut the 11" circle to form the base of the hat.

5. Center the cone on the base and trace the bottom of cone onto circle shape. Trace another circle within the first, about a 1/2" smaller than the original.

6. Trim out innermost center circle, then use scissors to cut ½" slits approximately 1" apart around the entire outer circle to create tabs. Fold tabs upward.

7. Staple, or adhere with a strong adhesive, the tabs into the cone, starting from where you would like the front of your hat to be.


1. Cut out spiderweb cupcake liners and trim off the tabs.

2. Attach four of the 2 ½" spiderweb liners underneath the base of circle so that the edges of the webs extend beyond the rim of the hat.

3. Attach the 2" spiderweb liners along the top of the hat’s brim against the inner edges, near the cone.


1. Select where you would like the front of your hat to be and adhere the 2" banner to it.

2. Adhere 1 ¼" banners overlapping the larger banner around the bottom of the cone.

3. Cut several ½" strips of B&T paper, pleat them, and attach them end to end on the bottom of the cone.

4. Cut out flowers, spiderweb, and vines from the Cricut® Artiste cartridge.

5. Use an embossing tool to mold the leaves of the branch shapes. Ink the edges with Slate ink using the sponge dauber.

6. Ink the edges of the flowers in Thistle and Sunset using the sponge dauber. Using your quilling tool, roll the flowers, adhere them closed, and add Sparkles to the center of each as desired.

7. Attach the spiderweb to the side of the cone and layer the floral arrangement on top of it.

8. Back the “Spooky” metal shape from your Scaredy Cat Complements with Thistle cardstock and add it to the floral arrangement.

Top of Hat

1. Cut a 2" x 12" strip of Thistle cardstock. Cut a 1" notch every ¼".

2. Using your quilling tool, roll the strip until the solid edge is small enough to fit into the hole at the top of the cone. Adhere it so it cannot unroll. Make sure the roll is small enough to fit into the top of the cone. If needed, trim the tip of the hat to allow more space for the topper. 

3. Fit the curled hat topper into the hole at the top of the hat and secure with adhesive.

4. Using your quilling tool, roll the ¼" strips downward into tight curls.

5. Cut the ribbon into 3" pieces, loop them, and adhere them individually to the top of the hat, arranging them in layers.

6. Add stars from the Scaredy Cat Assortment.


Embellish your hat with the Scaredy Cat Assortment, sequins from the Mini-Medley Accents black collection, Slate diagonal striped ribbon, or other accents of your choice.


You can create a variety of decorative hats using the cone and base shapes shown above. Check out these clever variations:

Spiderweb-Topped Hat

Cricut® Shapes:

Circle: 7 ½" Card (p. 48)
Sunburst: 9" Accent 3 <5> (p. 35)
Yo-Yo: 1 ¼" Shift+Card (p. 55)
Decorative Circle: 2" and 3 ¼" Accent 4 <5> (p. 35)
Spike Flowers: 1 ¾" and 2" Shift+Accent 2 (p. 54)

Corner Spiderwebs: 3 ½" RDS Shift+Overlay (cut 2, p. 70)

To find a list of the other materials required, please refer to the Annual Inspirations recipes.
  • This hat’s base is made from a sunburst shape from the Cricut® Artiste cartridge.
  • The spiderweb topper is made from two webs cut from the Cricut®Artbooking cartridge.  Adhere their edges together and trim hat as necessary.
  • The spider image is from the Scaredy Cat Complements.

  • The focal point of this hat is made from a stamped image from the Halloween Greetings stamp set.

  • The pleated strip of B&T at the base of the cone was stitched before being adhered to the cone.

Batty Hat

Cricut® Shapes:

Yo-Yo: 1 ½" Shift+Card (p. 50)
Decorative Circle: 4" Accent 4 <5> (p. 35)
Circle: 9 ½" Card (p. 48)
Cupcake Liners: 2" Accent 4 (cut 4, p. 77)
Spike Flowers: 1 ¾" and 3" Shift+Accent 2 (p. 54)
Round Flowers: 3 ¼" and 3 ½" Accent 2 (p. 54)

To find a list of the other materials required, please refer to the Annual Inspirations recipes.

  • The streamers dangling from this hat are made from a variety of Scaredy Cat B&T papers that have been folded accordion-style and attached at the top.

  • This hat’s focal point is an image cut from a sheet of Scaredy Cat B&T. The bat images are Scaredy Cat Complements.

There you have it. I hope you enjoy your haunting home decor additions! 

We would love to see how your hats turn out! Feel free to share a photo in the comments or on the Close To My Heart Facebook page.

Annual Inspirations Recipe Book

How many times have you found something you just loved in the Annual Inspirations book, only you didn't know how to make it?  Fret no more!  The Annual Inspirations Recipe book is here.  Just found the page number of the item you want and its easy to find in the recipe book.  Just follow the link below to download your very own copy.  Happy Scrapping!

Annual Inspirations Recipe Book

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Christmas Card Workshop

I keep hearing things like "I want to make Christmas cards and never have the time" well not any more!!! I am giving you the time, and even if you are not a scrapbooking you can do this. 

Nov 15th $15.00 come and make 5 of each of the cards shown below. Total of 10 cards. Use my inks, my stamps, my blocks, and if you want you can even use my emobssing powder and learn something new. Extra kits will be available for purchase if you want to make more than 10. I ask that you RSVP so that I will know how many kits to purchase and make. If you cannot make it, you can still order the kits and I will ship them to you for you to make at home (kit includes 5 of each card. ink, stamp set and adheasive not included).
Nov 15, 2014
Noon - 4:00 pm
My address will be provided once you register, but it is in Washoe Valley, NV

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cropaholics 11 Hour crop

October 31st is approaching fast!  Be sure and get your registration in for this crop before its to late.

You won't want to miss a day full of prizes, laughs, make n takes, and so much more.  The registation document is below, or you can email me at toribe@yahoo.com and I will email it to you.

You are cordially invited to register for our Cropaholics event February 21, 2015
 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Please write neatly when completing the registration form. If we cannot read it, we can not process it. Event space is limited, once we reach capacity no additional registrations can be processed. Please read all information in Customer Invitation to Register.
1. Register by printing out this registration form, completing the questions and mailing it in with a check.
2. You will receive your event ticket in email 2-3 weeks prior to the event.
3. Email cropaholic_events@yahoo.com with any questions!

Registration Includes: 11 Hours of Album Making Time 4' of Table Space A Goodie Bag Break out class make n take tables Event t-shirt Entry in hourly prize drawings
Register by August 31, 2014 for $55.00
Register September 1, 2014 - October 31, 2014 for $75.00

Facility/Parking– The facility offers easy access and parking for a fee (if no other events at expo center parking could be FREE!). Car pool and enjoy the ride together. More information will be sent regarding directions to the facility and parking with the event ticket and final event information.

Food- Food can be purchased throughout the day from the facility. Facility rules do not allow outside food. This is a standard rule at convention and expo centers around the country and is a non-negotiable part of renting the facility.

Local Accommodations- The event does not reserve a block of rooms. The facility’s address is: 4590 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502 . Feel free to utilize this information to find nearby accommodations as needed.

Refunds/Transfers– The customer registration fee is not refundable. The event will take place rain or shine! There are no refunds for inclement weather. Registration may be transferred to another customer. Email for details.

Due to the size and space of this event we ask that participants refrain from using techniques or tools that make noise and will disturb fellow album makers. Advertising or solicitation in any form is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to sign-up sheets, flyers, printed material and coupons. Any person or group found to be soliciting business or distributing advertising will be asked to leave the event immediately without refund or recourse.

This event is put on by local Close to My Heart consultant Lori Kutsch, with the help of her family. Participation in this event is voluntary, we are not liable for any loss, damage or injury caused from your attending. Your information will not be sold or given to any other source. Your information will only be used in conjunction with the coordination of this event.

Make Checks Payable To: Lori Kutsch
Send Checks to:
Lori Kutsch
c/o Cropaholic Events
PO Box 19654
Reno, NV 89511

Any check that is returned by your bank unpaid for any reason will result in an additional $25.00 fee. Any unpaid balances at October 31, 2014 will result in your registration being cancelled. Each person getting access to the event is required to have a ticket. Non event participants will not be allowed in.

Questions? email: cropaholic_events@yahoo.com
Brian and Lori Kutsch Event Coordinators

Registration form!
Name: _________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________
Consultant: _________________________________________________
T-shirt Size __________________________
I agree to the event terms listed on the registration flier. I understand that registration is non-refundable but it is transferable if advanced written notice is given. While we will make every effort to keep you and your belongings safe, event coordinators and others involved are not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of items. If you have any questions please email cropaholic_events@yahoo.com.

Signature: _________________________________________________
Mail complete form with payment to:
Lori Kutsch
c/o Cropaholic Events
PO Box 19654
Reno, NV 89511

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cut Above Card Kit

Sampling of cards I just made using the Cut Above kit. I used liquid glass to attach ribbon to button and the ruby and topiary pigment inks. I also used the clear embossing powder to make the stamped sentiment shiny.

$12.95 for set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes includes:


10 – 7" × 5" Printed Card Bases
10 – Blue Printed Pieces
10 – White Daisy Tags
10 – Glitter Paper Pieces
10 – Red Glitter Buttons
10 – Snowman and Bird Sticker Sheets
12 – 3-D Foam Squares
10 – Coordinating Envelopes
4 yards Grey and White Baker's Twine

Sentiment stamp sold seperate for $9.95

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cricut Artfully Sent

The Close to my Heart exclusive Artfully Sent cartridge from Cricut is here!!

Cardmaking has never been easier or more fun! With our newest Cricut® collection, you can make handmade masterpieces in no time at all. Choose from cards with sentiments cut directly into them, or combine several cutouts to create your own pop-up scenes. Featuring more than 25 different card themes and 5 different card formats including dynamic interactive designs, this cartridge has a card for any and all occasions—even if the occasion is "just because"! Card styles include pop-ups, scenes, sentiments, sleeves, and pocket cards.
Collection includes:
1 – Cartridge (700 images: Cards and Font)
3 – My Acrylix® D-size stamp sets
1 – 12" × 12" White Daisy Cardstock Pack

Stamp sets are only availabe with this cartridge and not for sale seperately.  Order today at www.LoriKutsch.ctmh.com

**TIP - did you know that when looking through the CTMH catalog when you see a stamp set with a thin red line around an image that means there is a coordintating CTMH Cricut cartridge to go with it?   Right on the stamp set it will say which cartridge and what size to cut to make it coordinate perfectly with this stamp.  

Recommended blocks for included stamp sets: 1" × 1" (Y1000), 1" × 3½" (Y1002), 3" × 3" (Y1006), 2" × 3½" (Y1009).
Cricut® is a registered trademark of Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc. All rights reserved.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Heat Embossing!

So I am new to the world of Heat embossing. I have never done it, but I ordered the CTMH heat tool (item ‪#‎z555‬ $34.95) and all 4 embossing powders (‪#‎Z2066‬ Princess Gold, ‪#‎Z2067‬ Silver, ‪#‎Z2068‬ White and ‪#‎Z2088‬ Clear $5.95 each) and I will have them tomorrow!!!  

I have watched a couple of youtube videos and now I can't wait to get it! Imagine how cool you could make your designs look with our Shinhan blending pens?? I feel I will most likely use my CTMH pigment inks with my stamps so I anticipate using more of the clear powder but you just never know.  There are just so many options.

If you would like to host an embossing party let me know!  You and each of your guests will make a fun card using CTMH pigment inks and embossing powders.  Design a professional looking card in just minutes and take your crafting to a whole new level.  You could also earn 50% of items in addition to other hostess rewards which you could use to to purchase your own heat tool for just $17.48!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Base and Bling!!

Have you noticed the Base and Bling line in the catalog?  You can make some really cute personalized to you items.  This short video shows how quickly you can make one.

You don't have to use the stickers either.  What about a picture of your cute new baby or grandbaby?  Or your little boy all grown up in his military uniform?  People who are dear to us should be kept close to our heart.

This is a modern day locket.  If you would like to be a hostess of a Base and Bling party, contact me to schedule today.  They really are simple and quick to make, but they look beautiful.

Cut Above Christmas card kit

For just $11.95 you can get this kit with:

10 – 7" × 5" Printed Card Bases
10 – Printed Banners
10 – Colonial White Deer
10 – Red Sparkles
12 – 3-D Foam Squares
10 – Glitter Paper Pieces
10 – Coordinating Envelopes
4 yards Red and White Baker's Twine

Everything is precut to save you time.  All you you need to is stamp your sentiment (stamp not included) and you have beautiful Christmas cards.  

Order your kit at www.LoriKutsch.ctmh.com

Monday, September 8, 2014

ShinHan Touch Twin Markers

The new ShinHan Touch Twin Markers are amazing!!  This video shows how easily they blend together.