Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Additional 2017 Close to My Heart Crop Days.....with a catch!

Since my 2017 dates filled up super fast, I added 4 more dates in 2017.  These dates are open first to those that did not get into one of the regular monthly crops in that quarter.

If you are not registered for one of my crops in Jan, Feb or March.  You can register for April 8th.  

If you are not registered for either April or May you may register for June 17th.

If you are not registered for July, Aug, or September you may register for Sept 30th

If you are not registered for Oct or Nov you may register for Dec 2nd.  

If there are any open spots 3 weeks before the crop date, I will open it to everyone.  If you are a member of my Close to my Heart team, you may attend these as well.  If you are on a waiting list right now for one of the regular monthly crops, you may still register for these news dates.  

Price is the same $35.00 for 9 am - 6 pm.  All crops will be held at the Tamarack Junction. 

I hope this helps out for those that did not get a chance to register.   

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cricut November Mystery Box

The Cricut November Mystery Box is out.  Get yours before they are gone.  Use code CRAFTY to get 15% off and free shipping.  

 Follow this link to get your November Mystery Box

Close to My Heart......

I get asked a lot about what it means to be a Close to My Heart Consultant.  So I figured I would take the most asked questions and answer them here.  I will be happy to still answer any questions you have though so don't be afraid to reach out to me.  

What does it cost to become a Close to My Heart Consultant?
As part of your enrollment you will purchase your New Consultant kit for just $75.  Each kit includes the basic business supplies you'll need to start your business and is valued at over $200!!  Along with your kit, you'll also receive $50 in Select Product Credit that you will can use to purchase more supplies of your choice.  That means you basically get to join for only $25!!!

In addition, you can earn additional items through the Straight to the Top new consultant incentive.

What type of quarterly minimums do I have to meet if any?
The quarter in which you sign up is considered a free quarter.  You have no minimums to meet during the rest of this calendar quarter.  With the beginning of the next quarter, you then have that full quarter to make a $300.00 limit.  

Example.  If you sign up on October 2, 2016.  You have zero sales requirements through December 31, 2016.  For the quarter of January 1 - March 31, 2017 you would need to have $300.00 in retail product sales.  That is just $100 a month.  Hold one or two events each quarter and you will meet that!

What happens if I do not meet my quarterly minimums?  Is there a fine or penalty if I don't order?
NO!!    If you do not meet your quarterly minimum for any reason then your consultant status just deactivates.  There are not fees that will be charged to you or penalties if this happens.  

How do I make money?
As a consultant you purchase the product at a discounted price.  You then sell it to your customers at the retail price listed in the catalog.  

How much does a CTMH website cost me?
Nothing!!  CTMH provides this to all consultants for free!!

How do I get paid if someone places an order on my website?
Around the 15th of each month CTMH pays commissions for all orders made on your website the prior month.  You can have direct deposit or a check mailed to you.  

Are there any other perks to being a CTMH consultant?
Absolutely!!  Not only do you earn 22% on all sales, you can also earn Select Product credit based on your monthly sales.   As your team grows you will also earn incentives through 12/31/2016 in the form of SPC (select product credit) and cash bonuses.

As a consultant you also get your hands on new product first!!  A month in advance actually.  

How do I sign up?
Well that is the easy part!  Just go to Become a CTMH consultant now!! and become of a member of the Hearts of Bling Team!!!

These are just a few of the most asked questions I receive.  When you join my team you also get one on one training from me.  I am always available to answer questions, offer insight or just encourage.