Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Learning Design Space - #1

Each of you has made a large investment in your Cricut Explore and / or Explore Air. You should not have to invest even more of your money to learn how to use it!!! You should also be able to learn on your schedule, not around some class schedule.
So, starting tonight I am going to start making a series of videos showing you small chunks of Design Space at a time. Every couple of days I will post the next video in the series. Some might be really short, others might be longer. But this will allow you to log on and learn when you want to and the best part is its FREE! Spend your money on your craft supplies, not on learning.
After each class if you have questions on something that was covered, you not left alone. I am here everyday! Post here in the group, send me a PM, or ask on the you tube channel. Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you are notified with each new video, and I will post them here as well.