Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cricut Machines

Which Cricut machine uses what program & what sizes can it cut??

      Personal Machine                  CCR             6x12

      Expression Machine              CCR             12x12 & 12x24

      Expression 2 Machine (E2)   CCR            12x12 & 12x24

      Mini Machine                        CCR             8.5x12

      Create Machine                     CCR             6x12

      Imagine Machine                   CCR             12x12

      Cake Machine                        CCR             12x12 & 12x24
      Cake Mini                               CCR             6x12

       Explore Machine                   DS               12x12 & 12x24
       iPad app & Bluetooth adaptor

       Explore Air Machine             DS               12x12 & 12x24
       iPad app & Bluetooth

CCR – Cricut Craft Room
DS – Design Space

Both systems can use the monthly / annual subscription and can be used in both systems if you have machines on both platforms.

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